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Demo 11/06 Keep our streets safe from bogus journalists!

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2006 12:15 pm    Post subject: Demo 11/06 Keep our streets safe from bogus journalists! Reply with quote

Keep our streets safe from bogus journalists!

Sunday - 11th June at 11.ooam
1 Virginia Street,
E98 1XY
(off The Highway, nearest tube Tower Hill - District & Circle, or DLR Tower Gateway)

On Sunday 1st June the News of the World publically boasted about how they had kidnapped 70 migrants in an article 'We catch 2 bus loads of illegal immigrants'. They explain how their undercover journalist had gone out pretended to be taking people to jobs, picked migrants up in a bus and delivered them to Colnbrook detention centre. The objective was, apparently, to expose the Home Office's failure to deal with 'illegal immigrants'.

It is terrifying to know that gutter journalists can go around the streets as vigilante immigration officers, wrecking people's lives, livelihoods, and perhaps even sending them to t
heir death. If they can get away with this, which group of people is next on their hit list to be lifted off the streets.

This culmination of a frenzy of bogus journalism directed at refugees and migrants over the last few months. Day after day the papers have had an orchestrated frenzy around 'foreign' criminals and 'illegal immigrants' setting the political agenda.

These 'news 'papers weep crocodile tears about racist attacks and murders but they create the vicious racist atmosphere which encourages these things to happen. Is it any wonder that the British National Party wins seats when these papers are pushing the government to attack refugees and migrants even more than they are now?

Lets show these merchants of hate what we think of them. Bring yourselves, Bring your friends, Bring placards, Bring anything that makes lots of noise.

Be There!

London No Borders/No One is Illegal

Enquiries/further information:

No One is Illegal
David Landau

We catch 2 bus loads of illegal immigrants

The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Star and their three Sunday stablemates - *News of the World, Mail on Sunday and Express on Sunday,' slammed by UNHCR report.

End of Bulletin:

Source for this Message:
No One is Illegal


NCADC's email bulletins are an important part of our work in educating the public on immigration, asylum and anti-deportation issues. As part of that work our bulletins hosts news and views from different individuals, organisations and campaigns working in the same field as us.

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC)
1 Delaunays Road
M8 4QS
General e
nquiries 0121 554 6947
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2006 3:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Letter from Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre

Detainees in Colnbrook IRC have published a letter to News of the World reporter Mazher Mahmood.

Dear Mr. Mahmood,
We, the detainees of Colnbrook Detention Centre think that you are a gutless, incompetent, bully, and together with your editors and newspapers pick on foreigners because they are a soft target. You do not represent the real views of the common UK nationals, but rather, you have been misleading the general public with your unfair, ill-informed news partial news for years. You have influenced the way this government perceives it should deal with refugees and asylum, by presenting it as incompetent, to make it adopt inhuman policies against people who have fled their countries of origin for one reason or another. This has led to refugees not seeking asylum with the authorities, for fear of bei
ng detained and removed to countries where their lives would be in danger. This has in turn pushed those refugees to provide for their survival by being exploited to work long hours for very low pay (such as the ones you helped catch), for those very fears.

From your name, I can tell that you are a descendant of immigrants. In your quest to further your career, to please your bosses, to embarrass the government, and for whatever other selfish motives you may have in taking advantage of foreigners in the UK, we wonder how you sleep at night. You should reconsider your position by educating yourself on refugees, asylum seekers and immigrant' issues before you unfairly target them. You should go back to your roots and stop thinking that you are better than any other foreigners just because you hold British citizenship.

Well done for doing none of your business, and encouraging vigilantism. You would be very much at home with BNP and Migrant Watch, Mr. Maz
her Mahmood (News of the World) for your Nazi-like work of spreading hate and kidnapping people to detention centres ( UK concentration camps). Print this in your hate paper if you have the spine!

We recommend you enlighten your ignorant self by reading the UNHCR's 'Victims of Intolerance'.

Yours sincerely,
Colnbrook Detainees

Message of support/solidarity can be sent to:

PS: We the detainees are delighted that London No Borders/No One is Illegal, have called a picket of the 'News of the World this Sunday. We would ask anyone reading this message who can attend the picket to be there for us.
Demonstrate outside the 'News of the World'/Sunday - 11th June

End of Bulletin:

Source for this Message:
Colnbrook Detainees
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