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COMPAS Update No. 9

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 12:30 am    Post subject: COMPAS Update No. 9 Reply with quote

Subject: COMPAS Update No. 9
Date: Friday, October 6, 2006 4:02
From: Alison Stibbe <>
To: <>
Conversation: COMPAS Update No. 9

COMPAS Update No. 9 (October 2006)

Please find below the latest COMPAS update on all our recent research activities, events and publications, as well as the plans that are in the pipeline. This email contains hyperlinks. If you have difficulty following the links, please visit our online version of the newsletter at: <>

New contacts can subscribe <> to our mailing list on-line. If you wish to be taken off the list simply click here <> and enter your email address, or if your email address changes then click here <> .


〈 COMPAS Annual Conference 2006: International Labour Migration: In Whose Interests? – was held on the 5th and 6th July 2006 in Oxford. The conference attracted a diverse range of participants, with over 140 people registered from 17 different countries. While over 60% of registered participants were from academic institutions, 15% came from various governmental departments (local and national/international), 10% from NGOs and community organizations, and the rest from international organizations, trade unions and business. Click here <> for the conference report, programme description and plenary presentations.

〈 Integration of migrants: Engaging employers, unions and the voluntary sector – took place at the law offices of CMS Cameron McKenna on the 4th July 2006. Joan Ryan, MP, Under Secretary of State for nationality, citizenship and immigration, provided the keynote presentation. It was agreed by all who participated that the event was a great success, and has prompted some new collaborations and cross-sector partnerships. Click here <> to access the background paper, conference report and programme details.

〈 COMPAS Seminar Series Michaelmas Term 2006: "Disrupting Dichotomies in migration research, policy and practice". Convenor: Dr Bridget Anderson. The seminars are open to everyone and will be held on Thursdays at 14.00 to 15.30, in the seminar room in the Institute of Human Sciences, Pauling Centre, 58a Banbury Road. Click here <> for details.

〈 COMPAS researchers have provided workshops or presented papers at a number of recent events. Click here <> for details.

Research Highlights

〈 New COMPAS project: ‘The Role of Migrant Health and Social Care Workers in Ageing Societies: Planning for the Future’. The aim of the project is to examine the future need for migrant health professionals and less-skilled care workers in the context of ageing societies and workforces, and the implications this will have for immigration and integration policies. This is a two-year international project starting in October 2006 and funded by Atlantic Philanthropies and the Nuffield Foundation. For more details, click here <> .

〈 The European Foundation is launching the Network of Cities for Local Integration Policy (CLIP) to support the social and economic integration and full participation of migrants. The CLIP Network brings together 25 large European cities in a joint learning process which will extend over several years. The cities are supported in their peer review process by a group of expert European research centres in Oxford (COMPAS), Vienna, Liege, Amsterdam and Bamberg. This initiative will provide useful opportunities for cities in the European Union, which are in the start-up phase of new integration policies. For more information, click here <> .

〈 COMPAS is developing its partnership with the community organization Kalayaan. Kalayaan is a charity that provides advice, advocacy and support services for migrants working in private households in the UK. It recently obtained funding from the Big Lottery to undertake research on migrant eldercarers in collaboration with COMPAS programme 2. The project will further develop our work on migration and care work. It will begin in January 2007.

〈 The report of the joint COMPAS/TUC project on Polish and Lithuanian workers will be published shortly. This was a mail survey of workers who contacted the TUC for information on their rights. The response rate was high (N=504) for a mail survey at about 54%. Interesting findings include the high proportion of agency workers in the manufacturing and transport sectors. Nearly one third of agency workers were working without a contract. Less than half of those who were earning under the minimum wage reported experiencing a problem with pay. While only 18 respondents were members of a trade union, 274 said that they would be interested in joining a trade union in the future.


〈 Vertovec, S. and Susanne Wessendorf, 2006, “Cultural, religious and linguistic diversity in Europe: An overview of issues and trends, in The Dynamics of International Migration and Settlement in Europe, R. Penninx, M. Berger and K. Kraal (eds.) University of Amsterdam Press, pp. 171-99

〈 Vertovec, S., 2006, “Is circular migration the way forward in global policy?” in Around the Globe, Melbourne: Monash Institute for the Study of Global Movements, 3(2): 38-44

〈 Spencer, S., 2006, Migration and Integration: The Impact of NGOs on Future Policy Development in Ireland, Final Report Link <>

〈 Vasta, E. and Vasoodeven Vaddamalay (eds.), 2006, International Migration and the Social Sciences: Confronting National Experiences in Australia, France and Germany, Palgrave Macmillan.

〈 Ruhs M. and Bridget Anderson, 2006, Semi-compliance in the migrant labour market, COMPAS Working Paper WP-06-30 Link <>

〈 Gamlen, A., 2006, Diaspora Engagement Policies: What are they, and what kinds of states use them?, COMPAS Working Paper WP-06-32 Link <>

〈 Düvell, F., 2006, Crossing the fringes of Europe: Transit migration in the EU's neighbourhood, COMPAS Working Paper WP-06-33 Link <>

〈 Gardner, C., 2006, Can the government manage migration? A study of UK legislation and policy from 1996-2006, COMPAS Working Paper WP-06-34 Link <>

〈 Wessendorf, S., 2006, ‘Roots-migrants': transnationalism and 'return' among second-generation Italians in Switzerland, COMPAS Working Paper WP-06-35 Link <>

COMPAS in the News

〈 "Fortress Europe" <> – Article in Newsbreak which quotes Lourdes Gordolan on the state of Filipino nurse migration to the UK.

〈 ‘Down the Drain’ <> – Article in Newsweek (24 July 2006) about Eastern Europe's brain drain quotes Martin Ruhs.

〈 ‘East European immigration expected to continue <> ’ – The Irish Times (22 July 2006) Opinion Editorial by Martin Ruh.

〈 'New questions on illegal working' <> – BBC News Online (5 July 2006) quotes Martin Ruhs and Bridget Anderson on research about migrants who are living in the UK legally but breaking the employment restrictions on their immigration papers.


〈 Ellie Vasta was recently awarded a British Academy Grant of $7500 for 2 meetings based on Integration/Solidarity and Transnationalism project mentioned above. The meetings will be held to discuss the results of the pilot studies which will feed into preparation of the EU 7th proposal. The meetings will be held in Ankara and Oxford.

〈 DPhil student Anna Lindley has won an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Award to develop her doctoral work, under the mentorship of Professor Stephen Castles. Her research interests focus on migration, conflict and development. Her doctoral research findings shed light on the dynamics, effects, institutions and politics of emigrants’ remittances in insecure settings, focusing on the Somali case. She will use the one-year award to write for publication and disseminate her research findings to user groups.

〈 Steve Vertovec recently had a SSRC/ESRC Visiting Fellowship, which he completed at Research on Immigration and Integration in the Metropolis (RIIM), University of British Columbia, Vancouver, during summer 2006. While working on issues surrounding the topics of “super-diversity” and immigrant integration, Steve met with a range of experts, civil servants and NGOs, including advisors to the Mayor of Vancouver, the Provincial Attorney General and his staff, and the federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.

Impact Grant

Many thanks to all those of you who participated in the COMPAS Impact Research Grant, funded by the ESRC. The report is due to be submitted to the ESRC at the end of October and will be available on the COMPAS website shortly thereafter.

Our website is constantly updated so please continue to check for updates on the Centre’s work.

With best wishes,


Alison Stibbe
External Relations Officer (out of office on Mondays)
University of Oxford
58 Banbury Road
Oxford, OX2 6QS
Tel: 01865 274566
Fax: 01865 274718
Website: <>
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