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UNHCR Collection of International Instruments

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:30 pm    Post subject: UNHCR Collection of International Instruments Reply with quote

Dear colleagues,

To increase awareness of UNHCR recommendations, guidelines and related papers, UNHCR regularly sends out e-mail notifications of recently released papers of interest. To this end, we would like to draw your attention to the following new UNHCR publication which has just been released and posted to the UNHCR website:

Collection of International Instruments and Other Legal Texts Concerning Refugees and Others of Concern to UNHCR November 2006

UNHCR is pleased to launch, on a provisional basis, the revised "Collection of International Instruments and Legal Texts Concerning Refugees and Others of Concern to UNHCR". This edition, which supersedes the last one issued in 1995, features significant changes and contains over 240 essential universal and regional instruments and texts concerning refugees and other persons of concern to UNHCR. It should more effectively than ever before complement the legal work in all corners of the world to promote and improve the protection of refugees and other groups envisaged in the scope of the instruments and texts.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the most important ones of those instruments and texts have been included in the compilation and in an accurate manner. Nevertheless, the publication is now posted on the UNHCR website on a provisional basis so that comments, corrections and suggestions expected to be received accordingly from users can be taken into account in preparing a final version. This is expected to be issued early in 2007. In this connection, staff of UNHCR, Governments, NGOs, other humanitarian agencies, academics, researchers, refugee advocates and refugees themselves are encouraged to actively consult and use the publication and to share any comments and suggestions they may have. These, and any other matters in connection with the Collection should be addressed by e-mail to

The Collection is accessible on the UNHCR website, under "Protecting refugees / Protection publications / Compilations and commentaries", or through the above-mentioned direct URL.

We hope to have informed you.

Best regards,

Status Determination and Protection Information Section (SDPIS) Division of International Protection Services (DIPS)

Case Postale 2500
CH 1211 Genève 2 Dépôt

Fax: 00-41-22-739 7396

Note: The material contained in this communication comes to you from the Forced Migration Discussion List which is moderated by the Refugee Studies Centre (RSC), University of Oxford. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the RSC or the University. If you re-print, copy, archive or re-post this message please retain this disclaimer. Quotations or extracts should include attribution to the original sources.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 11:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

here are about 100 documents that i copied when i was revising for the UNHCR IPR test, archived on the refugeestudies server here:

01 - Current Trends in International Migration in Europe (CoE).pdf
05 - Europe, CoE.pdf
06 - Europe, de-facto refugees.pdf
08 - Legal and Social Conditions for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Western European Countries.pdf
09 - Reception Standards for Asylum Seekers in the EU.pdf
13 - EXCOM, Protection of Asylum Seekers in Situations of Large-scale Influx, 1981.pdf
14 - EXCOM, Refugee Women and International Protection.pdf
15 - EXCOM, Note on Certain Aspects of Sexual Violence Against Refugee Women.pdf
15 - EXCOM, Refugee Women and International Protection (b).pdf
16 - EXCOM, Refugee Protection and Sexual Violence.pdf
18 - EXCOM, Non-Refoulement.pdf
19 - EXCOM, The Note on International Protection, 1994.pdf
20 - The Scope and Content of the Principle of non-refoulement (by E.Lauterpacht and D.Bethlehem).pdf
25 - CoE, recommendations on family reunion of refugees.pdf
26 - EXCOM, Family Reunion.pdf
27 - EXCOM, Family Reunification.pdf
28 - UNHCR Guidelines on Reunification of Refugee Families.pdf
29 - Global Consultations - Summary Conclusions on Family Unity.pdf
47 - UNHCR Guidelines on International Protection. Gender-Related Persecution..pdf
47 - UNHCR Guidelines on International Protection. Internal Flight or Relocation Alternative..pdf
47 - UNHCR Guidelines on International Protection. Religion-Based Refugee Claims..pdf
64 - Asylum Gender Guidelines.pdf
65 - Civilian Non-Combatants Fearing Persecution in Civil War Situations.pdf
66 - Refugee and Humanitarian Visa Applicants. Guidelines on Gender Issues for Decision Makers..pdf
72 - The Michigan Guidelines on the Internal Protection Alternative.pdf
73 - Research Paper on the Application of the Concept of Internal Protection Alternative.pdf
74 - Guidelines on the Protection of Refugee Women.pdf
75 - Sexual and Gender-Based Violence. Guidelines for Prevention and Response..pdf
81 - UNHCR Guidelines on unaccompanied children.pdf
82 - EXCOM, Refugee children, 1987.pdf
83 - EXCOM, Refugee children, 1989.pdf
84 - Separated Children in Europe Programme.pdf
85 - The Situation of Older Refugees.pdf
86 - EXCOM, Older Refugees.pdf
87 - Global Consultations - Reception.pdf
89 - UNHCR Guidelines on Detention.pdf
90 - EXCOM, detention.pdf
91 - EXCOM, recognition as a refugee.pdf
93 - Global Consultations - Asylum Processes.pdf
94 - The Supreme Court of Apeal of South Africa.pdf
95 - Note on Burden and Standard of Proof.pdf
97 - Truth and Consequences. Credibility Determination in Refugee Context. (by Audrey Macklin).pdf
CS - An anonymous El-Salvadorian Taxi-Driver Respondent's Case - US.pdf
CS - An Indian citizen's appeal - New Zealand.pdf
CS - An Iranian woman's appeal - New Zealand.pdf
CS - Kasinga (a Togolese woman) - US.pdf
CS - The 6 Sri-Lankan Tamils' Case - UK.pdf
CS - The Adan and Aitseguer Case - UK.pdf
CS - The Ahmadis case, the Pakistani sect, 1984 - UK.pdf
CS - The Alexander and Lyudmyla Klinkos case, 2000 - Canada.pdf
CS - The Ali Duzdiker Case - Australia.pdf
CS - The Alla Pitcherskaia Case, Russian Lesbian - USA.pdf
CS - The Barazza case, El-Salvador - USA.pdf
CS - The Cameroonian Woman - Austria.pdf
CS - The Cardoza-Fonseca Case - USA.pdf
CS - The Chen Shi Hai case, the Chinese infant - Australia.pdf
CS - The Dobrican case, a Romanian Jehovah's Witness - USA.pdf
CS - The Fauzia Kasinga Case, the Togolese woman - USA.pdf
CS - The Guo Chun Di Case - USA.pdf
CS - The Moroccan woman's case - USA.pdf
CS - The Patrick Francis Ward case, an Irish terrorist - Canada.pdf
CS - The Rosalba Aguirre-Cervantes Case - USA.pdf
CS - The Sivaganthan Rasaratham Case, Sri-Lankan citizen - Canada.pdf
CS - The Slavko and Slavica Civics case, 1991 - Canada.pdf
CS - The two Pakistani women's case - UK.pdf
CS - The Vera Korablina Case - USA.pdf
CS - The Yugoslav Man evading drafting - Hungary.pdf
Humanitarian Law - Constraints of the Waging of War.pdf
Humanitarian Law - FAQs on Humanitarian Law.pdf
Humanitarian Law - International Humanitarian Law.pdf
Intl Instr. 1948 - Universal Declaration of Human Rights.pdf
Intl Instr. 1950 - The Statue of UNHCR.pdf
Intl Instr. 1951 - Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees 1951 and its 1967 Protocol.pdf
Intl Instr. 1960 - Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.pdf
Intl Instr. 1961 - Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness.pdf
Intl Instr. 1966 - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.pdf
Intl Instr. 1967 - Declaration on Territorial Asylum.pdf
Intl Instr. 1969 - International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.pdf
Intl Instr. 1969 - The OAU Convention.pdf
Intl Instr. 1977 - Declaration on Territorial Asylum (Europe).pdf
Intl Instr. 1979 - Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.pdf
Intl Instr. 1984 - The Cartagena Declaration on Refugees.pdf
Intl Instr. 1989 - Convention on the Rights of the Child.pdf
Intl Instr. 1993 - Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women.pdf
Intl Instr.pdf
UNHCR Handbook on Procedures and Criteria for Determining Refugee Status..pdf
UNHCR Handbook. Voluntary Repatriation. International Protection..pdf
UNHCR. A Guide to International Refugee Law..pdf
UNHCR. Agenda for Protection..pdf
UNHCR. Code of Conduct.pdf
UNHCR. Four Statements on the Race Question.pdf
UNHCR. Guidelines for HIV-AIDS intervention..pdf
UNHCR. Mandate and the Organization.pdf
UNHCR. Memorandum of Understanding between UNHCR and WFO.pdf
UNHCR. Practical Guide.pdf
UNHCR. Project Planning in UNHCR.pdf
UNHCR. Protecting Refugees. A Field Guide for NGOs..pdf
UNHCR. States Parties to the 1951 Convention and 1967 Protocol..pdf

hope that's useful!!!
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